Breakfast Diva Consulting Services offers different options to best suit your needs. Whether you choose the Three Day Breakfast Inn-tensive or a custom consulting package at your property, all aspects of your breakfast service will be addressed.  You will explore over a dozen facets of bringing breakfast excellence to your property, including effective and efficient prepping, baking in advance techniques, plating, taking photos and making eye-catching food, plus dealing with food allergies and preferences.

Breakfast Diva Lifeline

On-site Customized Consultation

3-day Breakfast Inn-tensive

Breakfast Diva Lifeline

Everyone needs a lifeline now and then.  Whether through scheduled video chats or phone calls, get the answers you need as you need them.  If you are considering a kitchen renovation, change in breakfast style, service, or need food preparation support, having a step-by-step coach over several weeks or months is critical. Maybe you just need a deep dive into what to serve a gluten-free guest with a dairy allergy for a ten day stay, or have questions about meal planning. Through scheduled, virtual appointments get the answers you need from the Breakfast Diva. Lifeline plans begin at $90 for 2 hours and completion of the Lifeline information survey.

On-site Customized Consultation

For existing innkeepers, curated specifically for your demographics, style and operations, together we would create a customized plan of hands-on, in person coaching to curate your very own brand of breakfast excellence. We begin with the content included in the Breakfast Inn-tensive, include your specific needs, concerns and ambitions, and continue with Breakfast Diva Lifeline service for three months following the workshop.

Beginning at $995 plus 2 nights lodging on-site + travel considerations.

3-day breakfast

Why waste valuable time and resources in  traveling for your education? We will work within your own office space and kitchen to ensure your comfort and safety. With 5 sessions over 3 days, this virtual workshop, held in your own space, helps you best invest all your time and resources in your education.  Limited to 6 attendees, you will engage in personalized, intensive exploration of all the facets of food service in a small lodging property, as well as create, serve, enjoy and critique breakfast during two morning sessions. Your workshop includes personalized instruction, a downloadable workbook complete with forms and lists for customization to your specific needs, Susan’s cookbook, Breakfast Diva, Morning Favorites, plus Breakfast Diva Lifeline service for three months following the workshop.  Attendees need access to a kitchen equipped with the basics.

The areas of study include, menu planning, cost, style, type of service, timing, mis en place, baking in advance, plating, photography basics, allergies/diets/sensitivities, equipment, sourcing, farm/yard to table, presenting to table, licensing, food safety, and more.

Registration fees: $495 for up to 2 persons from the same property sharing the same screen. Once you have registered for the workshop, an invoice with payment instructions will be sent to you.

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel your registration, please contact me directly.  Workshops are limited in the number of attendees so you must cancel 30 days prior to receive a full refund. Any cancellation received within 30 days prior to the workshop will be refunded only if the space is re-booked.  A $50 cancellation fee will be deducted from the refund.

dates available:





All dates are customized to your specific needs and schedule.  Please e-mail me so we can set up dates that work the very best for you.